So, I haven’t lived in Alaska for awhile now, thank the fokking fokk, and haven’t spent much time around tumblr.

So, naturally, it occurred to me that a good first blog post would be about the camera I had when I was a kid, in the 80’s because that means I’m probably older than everyone here and therefore you should deem me wise and trustworthy.

So, trust me, it was weird for a kid to have their own camera in the 80’s. Weirder still, my camera was a Kodak Eastman Brownie, the first camera of the people, invented sometime in the 40’s. I benefitted by a neighbor who was cleaning out his basement. When he found a strange camera-thing, he naturally thought of the nerdy white kid on the block.

The Brownie, when it was released, was soundly denounced by photographers as disrespectful to the profession. It was the first camera which regular people could buy, and take with them on picnics, bike rides, and other idyllic things American people back in the 40’s were always doing, all the time.

You held the camera at your waist, and focused on the object upside-down. I was obsessed with mastering the process. When I took it to shoot the cool kids down the alley playing basketball, they thought I had some kind of science experiment, geiger counter, or weird binoculars. The Brownie was way different from Barbie Dolls or other typical white girl swag. Little did they realize this was hipster behavior, 20 or 30 years early.

I got a lot of great candid shots this way.

My Brownie, along with my square-format photos, were put away somewhere so safe that I haven’t been able to find them again. I like to imagine that a future explorer will find Brownie photos with scenes from the 1980’s, and go through a huge mindfuck for a few seconds before realizing some nerdy kid probably found an antique and figured out how to make it work.

This text from my landlord reminds me how much I still live in Alaska.
midnight sun comes to take a rest with Sleeping Lady